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Hello, lovelies. My name is Amelia Desertsong. You may remember me as Phoenix from my blogging adventures in years past – if you’ve been around a while. I’ve been away from the Internet for a bit, still lurking, still ghostwriting. But, I think it’s time that I reemerge from the ashes… I am a Phoenix after all 😀

I’m a bit exhausted today as I had a good week of client work with a dozen articles on call. So glad I get to finally have a JAM day tomorrow where I can hit the reset button on everything. I managed to salvage my old Instagram and my Bitmoji accounts, but Twitter was long gone, and don’t even get me started on Facebook… drama central.

Anyway, I wanted to share something lovely, because you are all beautiful and deserve some good tunes as the work week winds down. So, earlier this week I happened to be surfing YouTube for Katy Perry covers (shameless Katy Cat here) and I found a cover of “E.T.” by a band of youngsters who call themselves First to Eleven. It was pretty good.

Once I watched “T.G.I.F.” though, I was HOOKED!

Don’t worry. They play a lot more than Katy Perry, or even pop covers. Being a rock band, they offer a fresh take on a lot of more recently popular tracks. They also cover songs that came out when their lead singer, the lovely Audra Miller, was just a little one! 🙂

These guys truly rock, and it’s hard to believe that Audra is only NINETEEN in two weeks. All of the members of this band are talented musicians – some of whom have been to and from college. They have a bright, bright future. For now, they do have some original songs – which are decent – but their covers are just extraordinary from a group so young!

I highly recommend them. Audra SLAYS so many of these songs. Anyway, I’m glad I found them ’cause I needed a new JAM band! 😀

Who’s your favorite band/artist? I’d love to chat music, as my tastes are highly eclectic 😀

Be back soon with something a bit more robust. Been a long week. Take care, and peace, ya’ll!

~ Amelia <3

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.

2 thoughts on “First to Eleven is My JAM!

  1. I love cover bands! I’m really into those that take a song and play it in a completely different genre of style. I’m obsessed with Postmodern Jukebox right now for that reason!

    1. Yes, indeed! That’s the case with a lot of F211. I should check out Postmodern Jukebox 😀

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