Fated Intervention – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Fated Intervention from Born of the Gods is an interesting card. For a casting cost of 2GGG (2 generic, 3 Green), you put 2 3/3 Centaur creature tokens onto the battlefield. It is an Instant, but if you play it during your turn, you get to scry 2. Scrying is pretty fun, as we all know; plus, 5 mana for 6 total power isn’t bad, either.

In Theros block Limited, this card became well-known as “Surprise Centaurs.” When this card was first released, there was a slightly more powerful card that did something similar called Advent of the Wurm from Dragon’s Maze. That card is 4 mana for a 5/5 Trampling Wurm. While Advent of the Wurm is probably better, this Intervention spell is pretty good in mono-Green.

Fated Intervention is definitely a solid Limited card and playable in token-abusing Commander decks. Many Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice and Rhys the Redeemed builds have found a place in their token builds for Fated Intervention. The Scry is a nice little bonus, but most of the time it’s played on an opponent’s turn, where the surprise creatures are a bit more valuable. Having two guys to block with out of nowhere is definitely relevant.

Even when Advent of the Wurm rotated out of Standard, Fated Intervention has only been a Commander-only card. The 5-drop slots in Standard were consistently been filled with more impactful cards. Sadly, the deck this card would most be at home in, Centaur Tribal, has never taken off. That’s despite the support the creature type received during Theros block. But when Fated Intervention was played in Theros/Born of the Gods/Journey Into Nyx Limited, it was plenty good. Also, in a token-happy Commander deck, it can often find a home.

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