Esika’s Chariot – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

There are many reasons to love Esika’s Chariot, a Legendary Vehicle Artifact from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. First, it features Cats, which is going to make plenty of people a fan right away. But, secondly, it’s also one of the most playable Vehicles printed so far. For four mana, Esika’s Chariot brings with it two 2/2 Green Cat creature tokens. It has Crew 4, meaning the Chariot can become a 4/4 creature if you tap creatures with 4 or more total power. A Vehicle that can essentially Crew itself is definitely something new. Still, there’s yet another ability on this Vehicle: when the Chariot attacks, you create a copy of a target token you control.

The Magic 2021 Core Set made Cat and Dog decks a potential fun deck to play, thanks to Rin and Siri, Inseparable. Indeed, Esika’s Chariot seems like an auto-play in such a deck, especially as Rin and Siri create tokens each time you play a Dog or Cat spell. But, thanks to that token-copying ability, Esika’s Chariot can see play in pretty much any deck that’s looking to copy tokens. Best of all, those tokens don’t even need to be creatures.

With tokens being a major theme of Kaldheim, Esika’s Chariot seems like it’s going to be sought after in a variety of decks. The Chariot should prove solid on both offense and defense, too, as it can be Crewed on any player’s turn. This card provides plenty of value for just four mana, part of why it’s Legendary, meaning you can only control one copy at a time. Conceivably, this Vehicle could be played in a Bant midrange deck with Yorion, Sky Nomad as a Companion. Blinking the Chariot means more Cat tokens, essentially for free, thanks to Yorion’s ability.

Token decks in Commander will especially love Esika’s Chariot. One Commander in particular that’s been mentioned is Ghired, Conclave Exile, who creates a 4/4 Rhino creature token when he enters play. Ghired also copies creature tokens when he attacks, putting them in play tapped and attacking. So, Esika’s Chariot seems an obvious fit for that deck. Really, any Populate strategy is going to want Esika’s Chariot, Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice, Rhys the Redeemed, and more.

“Cat Car” jokes aside, this is the perfect way for Magic to illustrate the Norse goddess Freyja’s chariot pulled by cats. Mechanically, it’s an excellent card with card advantage built into it. As a big fan of token strategies myself, this is easily one of my favorite cards in Kaldheim.

How would you play Esika’s Chariot?

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