Eight of Sky (Eight of Swords) – Mystical Cats Tarot Readings

If you draw the Eight of Sky card in the Mystical Cats Tarot deck, what does it mean? Is this a good card to draw? What lessons can you learn from this tarot card reading?

DECK: Mystical Cats Tarot
CARD: Eight of Sky (Eight of Swords)

In Mystical Cats Tarot, the Sky Clan cards correspond to the Suit of Swords in any of the Waite Tarot decks. In many cases, while the artwork on the cards is considerably different, they are often read much the same. However, what the Eight of Sky suggests by what the Mystical Cats guidebook says is quite different from traditional readings of the Eight of Swords in Waite Tarot. 

Typically, the Eight of Swords would represent isolation, imprisonment, or self-imposed restriction. But although imprisonment is signified by the Eight of Sky, it’s read with a far more positive connotation. Let’s see what’s suggested by the cat in this card.

According to the “Tales of the Mystical Cats,” if you’re in a bad situation, it’s not as dire as you might think or as it first appears. If you feel trapped without any choices, stay calm. There’s a simple solution if you look for it. The best advice is to stay still and let your fear pass. If you thrash about, the situation will only get worse. Don’t let frustration get the best of you, and don’t let small annoyances only add to your frustration. Trust your own intelligence to find your way out.

By the Mystical Cats reading, the Eight of Sky card signifies that you’re currently being held back or have been isolating yourself for reasons that very likely aren’t enough to keep you that way. In fact, you’d read this card much like you would the reversed Eight of Swords in Waite Tarot. That would be saying you should be open to new perspectives to release yourself into the life you could be living. In any case, this card means that whatever is keeping you stuck at the moment will soon pass if you keep an open mind.

What if you draw the Eight of Sky tarot card in the inverted or reversed position?

The reading for the Eight of Sky in the Mystical Cats guidebook says is rather different from traditional readings of the Eight of Swords in Waite Tarot, especially in the reversed position. The card is telling you that you’re being tested. Whether that’s by others or by the universe in general, it’s time to show your ability to improvise and find innovative solutions for your problems. This should be considered an initiatory experience. Once you’ve passed this test, you’ll feel great achievement and find new self-respect. Others will recognize this, as well.

This card suggests that you’re open to new perspectives and are ready to release things that are holding you back. Seeing this card reversed by the traditional Eight of Swords meaning indicates that you’ve already gone through difficult times and you’re becoming more open to self-acceptance and change.

The Eight of Sky tells you that you’ve already reflected on what’s worked and what hasn’t in your life. Now, you’ve changed your approach to things on your perspective on life. Perhaps in the past you played the role of the victim to your circumstances. But now you always are able to see that there are options. You’ve also learned to take greater accountability for where you’re at in life.

Still, seeing the card reversed means that despite the progress you’ve made, you still have to free yourself from some things from your past. There are still some skeletons in the closet that still need to be cleaned out. The advice of this card is to let go of old beliefs and behaviors that were holding you back before. You’re on the right track, so don’t be afraid to improvise.

What does the Eight of Sky (or Eight of Swords) card mean for you?

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