Dream Coach (Poetry)

All I have to give you is love and affection
There is no cause for me to make deception
I’ve been ecstatic since our relation’s conception
So proud and humbled by this beautiful connection

I am awkward, lacking in confidence and grace
You don’t have to pretty yourself with glitter & lace
But I hope you can see the beauty in see in you
I see a gorgeous being: strong, honest, creative & true

You’ve become my dream coach, helping me to look higher
My eyes have stared below too long, failing to aspire
To be myself and pursue my purpose are no selfish desires
But a valued partner is something I desperately required

I’ve opened my heart and mind to brand new potential
Finally I can drive myself to create something substantial
Some days I’ll need the push and strongly need your counsel
To teach me to refine this art I create by key and pencil

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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