Dragonite EX from X & Y Furious Fists (74/111) – A Pokemon Trading Card Game Review

Dragonite EX easily became one of the most anticipated EX cards in the Pokemon Trading Card Game X & Y Furious Fists expansion set. This was the first Dragonite EX card since back in the EX Dragon Frontiers set. For collectors, this was a chase card for the Furious Fists set. Sadly, for serious players of the actual card game, this Dragonite card wasn’t as game-breaking as we may have hoped.

Still, being one of the few Dragon type cards in the TCG, this Dragonite EX card looks awesome! Like Dragons in the actual Pokemon cards, Dragonite EX has a 2x weakness to the attacks from Fairy-type Pokemon. This Dragonite does have an interesting Ability called Bust In. When you play Dragonite EX from your hand onto your Bench, you may move any number of basic Energy attached to your Pokemon to this Pokemon. If you do, you switch him with your Active Pokemon.

With that strong Ability, what then does he do once he’s active? Dragonite EX only has one attack, Jet Sonic. It requires two Grass Energy and one Lightning Energy to use. It deals 80 base damage, but you may discard an Energy card from Dragonite EX to deal 40 more damage. 120 damage for only three Energy, even at the cost of discarding one, was decent at the time. However, the combination of Energy required greatly limited Dragonite EX’s playability.

So, despite being one of the more sought-after EX cards in the set for collectors, Dragonite EX from Furious Fists didn’t get much love in the competitive TCG atmosphere. This made its regular ultra rare printing fairly affordable to the point where you could buy it from a vendor without having to hunt for it in packs. However, there is also a beautiful full-art version of Dragonite EX #74 to collect. The artwork on this card makes Dragonite look much more powerful and deadly. Of course, it’s functionally the exact same card in gameplay, but it’s a nice treat for those who love cracking packs in search of hits.

This isn’t to say that Grass and Lightning decks weren’t playable during this era; there were several competitive decks that utilized these types of energy on a regular basis. But, there were simply EX cards available that were consistently stronger than this Dragonite EX card in competitive play. For casual players, though, this Dragonite’s ability to literally “Bust In” and deal some quick damage strategically is a powerful move. He just didn’t have a top-tier Constructed deck he could truly benefit.

While his limited playability kept the regular printing of Dragonite EX (74/111) relatively inexpensive, Dragonite’s overall popularity has made the full-art (108/111) printing fairly valuable. Either printing is a great addition to any Dragonite lover’s collection.

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