Dragon Arch – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic: the Gathering’s Apocalypse set has some interesting commons and uncommons, including Goblin Ringleader,Sylvan Messenger, Fire // Ice, and Gerrard’s Verdict. But one card to definitely not overlook is an artifact called Dragon Arch. For 5 mana, you are able to drop a multicolored creature onto the battlefield for the cost of only a tap and 2 colorless mana. If you need another way to cheat Dragons into play, this is definitely it.

Interestingly enough, you’d expect a card like this to be bought out at some point with the amount of casual appeal it should have. The best Dragon cards, in particular, are multicolored. But you don’t have to play Dragons to make it work. It can be any multicolored creature, and there are plenty of them out there. A mere 5 mana investment is easily worth what this card can do.

Quite a few Commander decks can use Dragon Arch. With Wizards printing many powerful multicolored creatures all the time, Dragon Arch makes splashy bombs with multiple color symbols in their mana costs easier to play. Sure, there’s plenty of artifact removal out there, but you only have to get one or two high powered creatures into play using this card to make it well worth the mana investment.

The most valuable cards in Apocalypse, including one-time competitive staple Vindicate, have been reprinted at least once. Dragon Arch has not seen a reprint, and it likely won’t see one anytime soon.  Dragons are always going to be popular, of course, but this card only needs multicolored creatures to be good. Because of that, this is a great artifact to have in your collection.

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