Do Andy Van Slyke Baseball Cards Have Any Value?

Because he was such a good-looking, well-liked, charismatic ballplayer, Andy Van Slyke baseball cards are actually probably worth more than you think. He didn’t hit over .300 in his career, or hit a lot of home runs, or steal a lot of bases. But when it comes to Pittsburgh Pirates and St. Louis Cardinals collectors, Van Slyke is a player much in demand.

While Van Slyke does have a couple of good rookie cards to collect, the Andy Van Slyke card with the most value is actually the 1993 Topps Finest Baseball’s Best refactor. One graded PSA 9 Mint copy sold for $40 in November 2018, but another PSA 9 copy sold in January 2019 for a staggering $127.50! Being depicted on the Pirates and being in a condition-sensitive set for grading makes this card a key to any Andy Van Slyke baseball card collection.

Andy Van Slyke’s most valuable rookie cards are featured in 1984 Topps and 1984 Donruss. They fetch about $20 each at auction for graded PSA 10 Gem Mint examples. The 1984 Fleer rookie is much less expensive. There’s also the 1982 TCMA pre-rookie card, which also doesn’t fetch much at auction.

Another Andy Van Slyke baseball card with value is the 1987 Topps Tiffany – his most valuable Cardinals card – worth about $30 in graded PSA 10 condition.  There’s also the 1994 Bowman’s Best Red Refractor – worth about $20 for a PSA 9 example. Other PSA 10 graded examples of other Van Slyke cards exist, and while they sell, are available in the $5 to $10 range already slabbed.

While Van Slyke may never be a Hall of Famer, his baseball cards have surprising value. It goes to show how a player’s personality, popularity, and good looks can endear him to many collectors. He played for some very good Pirates teams, too. His acquisition is easily one of the better Pirates trades of all time.

Updated January 2019

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