What I’ve Learned About Diversions

Many diversions can be quite enjoyable and serve their purpose, so long as their purpose is simply for recreation. Taking breaks to indulge in hobbies and other activities is necessary to maintain my overall well-being and prevent burnout. Losing myself in a good book or a favorite TV show to unwind and relax is a necessary part of work-life balance.

However, as much as I appreciate these diversions, they can become problematic when they interfere with the work that needs to be done. When I have deadlines to meet or important tasks to complete, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and lose track of time. Before I know it, hours have passed, and I’m no closer to finishing my work.

I’ve learned that the key to striking a balance between leisure and productivity is to set boundaries for myself. When I have work to do, I try to limit my indulgences to short breaks, so I can stay focused and maintain my momentum. This is one area where certain mobile games have helped me, giving me a short-term goal to complete that doesn’t keep me occupied for too long. 

But more often than not, it’s just a matter of being disciplined and reminding myself of the task at hand. Other times, I may need to rely on external factors, but setting timers and having others hold me accountable only serves to make me want to turn back to my diversions even more quickly and often.

As a freelancer, my work schedule could be quite unpredictable. Sometimes I’d have a steady stream of clients and projects, while other times I’d be left with nothing but a void in my schedule. During those times, I’m left with no choice but to make work for myself. It’s during those moments that diversions can become a dangerous temptation.

An abundance of free time is a welcome respite from the demands of work, at first. But soon enough, I realize that I can’t simply sit idly by and do nothing. After all, as a freelancer, every moment I wasn’t working was a moment I’m not making money.

Diversions can quickly become a convenient excuse for idleness. It starts out innocent enough, giving in to the feeling that I deserve some downtime after all the hard work I’ve put in. But before I know it, I’d spend hours browsing social media or watching mindless TV shows. In the end, I have nothing to show for it except a mounting sense of guilt and anxiety.

I’ve learned the hard way that diversions, if not managed properly, can become a slippery slope. They can turn into a crutch, a way to avoid the responsibilities and challenges that come with work. Truth is, work is essential, not just for financial stability, but for a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

So, eventually when I’d have a void in my work schedule, I learned to be proactive in making work for myself. When I wasn’t working on a fiction project, all of which are still in various states of progress even as I write this, I needed something to keep me occupied. This is when I turned my Magic the Gathering blogging into a monetized website. While it never made me a ton of money, it did make money. 

I soon realizing by setting clear goals and deadlines for my trading card game articles, even expanding into Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, I’d be able to practice SEO and writing even during downtime. Turning one of my biggest diversions into a side hustle, even if it was never enough to sustain me, was still very important. Many of those articles still even exist in one form or another on my website today. 

When I wasn’t doing my gaming articles, I still made sure I’m always learning and growing in my field. So when I do indulge in diversions, I do so with intention and purpose, so they can serve as a healthy break from work rather than a distraction. Everything I do becomes a potential blog topic, and my writing notebook files are now filled with years of potential topics.

In the end, I realized that diversions are not the enemy. They can be a necessary escape from the stresses of work and life. But when they become an excuse for idleness, they can hinder our growth and potential. The key is to find a healthy balance, one that allows us to enjoy diversions without sacrificing the fulfillment that comes with hard work.

At the end of the day, diversions can be both a blessing and a curse. They provide a necessary escape from the stress and demands of everyday life. Properly managed, diversions can even be used for a constructive purpose. Now that I’m no longer a freelancer, in between Thomas and I’s adventures, all I have are my diversions to make into constructive ventures.

The important thing is to not let your diversions become a hindrance, when they distract us from our responsibilities. Sometimes they actually prove destructive by diverting you from greater, more pressing tasks, like earning a living, for example. The key is to find a healthy balance and learn to enjoy our diversions without letting them take over our lives. By doing so, we can live a more fulfilling and productive existence.

How can you turn your diversions into a productive pastime?

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Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.
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