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Death Card Mystical Cats Tarot

If you draw the Death card in the Mystical Cats Tarot deck, what does it mean? Is this a good card to draw? What lessons can you learn from this tarot card reading?

DECK: Mystical Cats Tarot
CARD: Death

In the Mystical Cats Tarot deck, the Major Arcana of traditional Waite Tarot are known as the Cat Mysteries in the Mystical Cats Tarot deck. Some of the names of the cards are different and their meanings somewhat altered. However, Death is pretty much the same, although in the Mystical Cats deck, the artwork depicts the Nine Lives of a cat.

The Death card reminds you to be aware that whatever you’re dealing with at the moment is finite. It may be time to let something go. Don’t cling to what no longer serves you, as keeping these things around will only leave you stuck on your evolutionary path. Let go of what’s already done so that new life can come to you. Be thankful for the lessons that your trials have taught you and each gift that you’ve received along the way.

Death is a card of endings and new beginnings. It signifies you’re in a time of change, transition, and hopefully transformation for the better. You may be having a hard time letting go of certain things in your life that no longer do any good for you. It’s time to declutter both your material life and your spiritual life. If you’re going through a hard time, accept that it’s temporary and that it will soon be coming to an end. Look to tomorrow as a good new beginning.

What does the Death card mean for you?

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