Cosmos Charger – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Cosmos Charger is a Horse Spirit creature card from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. It features the Foretell mechanic, which allows you to play a card from your hand face-down in exile for two generic mana, so that you may cast it on a later turn. But, the Charger adds a twist to the Foretell mechanic, because when it’s in play, you may use the Foretell ability on any player’s turn and it costs one generic mana less to Foretell. Cosmos Charger itself has flash, meaning it can be played at instant speed, and it’s a flyer.

Kaldheim has quite a number of Foretell cards that look extremely playable. The Charger also acts as a bit of redundancy for the Legendary Creature Foretell enabler in the set, Ranar the Ever Watchful. Ranar makes the first Foretell cost from your hand in a turn cost zero. Alrund, God of the Cosmos plays into how many cards you own with Foretell in exile, too. 

So, there’s a good basis for a constructed playable deck here. Even making the extra turn spell Alrund’s Epiphany cost one mana less to Foretell is a step in the right direction. You even have the two-mana Vega the Watchful to draw you cards whenever you cast a card from anywhere but your hand, giving it perfect synergy with Foretell.

There are some other powerful spells with Foretell, including the potentially game-breaking Giant Quakebringer. But, the ones who would see the most play in a dedicated Foretell deck would be Starnheim Unleashed, Saw it Coming, and Rise of the Dread Marn. Starheim Unleashed is similar to Emeria’s Call, in that it makes Angel tokens at Sorcery speed. Being able to Foretell a potential finisher like that on an opponent’s turn to cast it for its Foretell ability on your next turn could prove very powerful. 

Saw it Coming is essentially just a three mana counterspell like Cancel, but it has Foretell. Reducing that cost by one literally makes it a two-mana counterspell. Rise of the Dread Marn is already cheap at making Zombie tokens, costing a single Black mana to play at instant speed after it’s been Foretold, and now it could be even cheaper.

Even better, Cosmos Charger is a flash creature with Flying, meaning it can be played as a combat trick that also allows you to Foretell a card from your hand in the same turn. Is it strong enough on that basis to see play outside of a dedicated Foretell shell? Perhaps not. Still, the Charger could prove to be better than people are seeing it on paper.

In any case, Cosmos Charger will be a staple in Commander decks led by the aforementioned Legendary Creatures: Alrund, Ranar, and Vega. It even fits into the Spirit Tribal synergies that Ranar already suggests in the format. It’s potentially even more powerful in multiplayer, as you can Foretell a card on one opponent’s turn, then cast it from Exile on the very next turn, even if it’s an opponent’s turn. While it’s unlikely to ever be one of the most sought-after cards from Kaldheim, Cosmos Charger should certainly prove its worth.

How would you play Cosmos Charger?

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