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Colonial Theater, Laconia, New Hampshire, November 7th, 2022

I recently had the pleasure of visiting Laconia, New Hampshire, and during my time there took a few photographs of key landmarks of the historic city. One of these landmarks is the Colonial Theater, which is a relic from the golden age of cinema, and fortunately, it has been revived in recent years for everyone to enjoy once again.

The Colonial Theater of Laconia was originally built in 1914 as a vaudeville house, but it was converted to a movie theater in the 1920s. It continued to operate as a cinema until the 1970s when it fell into disrepair and was eventually closed. For many years, the building sat abandoned and deteriorating, until a group of dedicated individuals came together in 2016 to restore it to its former glory.

Today, the Colonial Theater is a stunning example of historic preservation. The exterior of the building is beautifully restored, with its marquee and neon lights shining brightly. Apparently, inside the theater is just as impressive, with its ornate plasterwork, grand chandelier, and beautifully restored murals.

But what truly sets the Colonial Theater apart from many historic renovations is the care and attention that has been put into making it a truly modern cinema. The theater features state-of-the-art projection and sound equipment, as well as comfortable seating and a modern concession stand.

This Colonial Theater is more than just a movie theater. It is also a community space, hosting events and performances throughout the year. From live music and theater performances to film festivals and community events, there is often something happening at the Colonial Theater.

I’m grateful for the individuals who came together to save this historic building and bring it back to life. The Colonial Theater is a true gem in the heart of Laconia. Although I won’t be back to that part of New Hampshire any time soon, I’m glad I at least got to visit.

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