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Spacegodzilla, Death Corona – MTG Cards Worth Grading?

When it comes to Magic the Gathering cards, most collectors almost unilaterally agree that Magic cards are meant to be played with, not encased in hard plastic shells. Believe it or not, however, there are in fact Magic cards that have far more value when graded by PSA or BGS. These cards are often not […]

Atsushi the Blazing Sky – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

With all of the absolute nonsense about Alchemy and digital-only mayhem being the talk of the Magic the Gathering world around Christmas Time 2021, it was refreshing to get some super early spoilers for the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set. Right away, we were shown the beautiful full-art basic lands, along with a pretty good looking […]

Showdown of the Skalds – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

One of the first cards spoiled for the Kaldheim set in Magic the Gathering was the powerful Saga Enchantment, Showdown of the Skalds. Sagas have proven their power in Standard competitive play time and again, beginning with the advent of Saga Enchantments in the Dominaria set. Several Sagas from the Theros: Beyond Death set have […]

Swiftblade Vindicator – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Swiftblade Vindicator is a two-mana Human Soldier from Magic the Gathering’s Guilds of Ravnica set. It was later seen again in the Double Masters reprint set. The Vindicator is a mere 1/1 creature, but also has Double Strike, Vigilance, and Trample. Double Strike and Vigilance makes this a pretty useful card on both offense and […]

What is the Best Purugly Card in the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

First introduced in the fourth generation of Pokemon games – Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum – Purugly is a Pokemon that isn’t especially popular, despite actually having decent base statistics. Unfortunately, it has a rather shallow move pool, although it has been used in lower tiers of competitive play thanks to having access to some useful […]

Ascendant Packleader – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

With all of the strong Wolves and Werewolves printed in Innistrad: Crimson Vow, none were really playable in the one drop spot. Fortunately, Crimson Vow offers a very good one-drop Wolf that could even work in other decks. At it’s very worst, Ascendant Packleader is a 2/1 for a single Green mana. But, if you […]

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