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Magic the Gathering card reviews and competitive analysis

Dictate of Karametra – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

The Dictate cycle of Enchantments from Magic the Gathering’s Journey into Nyx set is a fascinating group of five cards. This cycle of Enchantments, one for each color of mana in Magic, bring back an old, powerful effect from Magic’s history, increase its mana cost a bit, then give it Flash. By giving these Enchantments […]

Allosaurus Rider – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Allosaurus Rider, a creature from Magic the Gathering’s Coldsnap set, was the victim of one of the most infamous card buyouts seen in Magic finance history. Pretty much every copy of the Elf Warrior, including the Coldsnap Prerelease and Duel Deck: Elves vs Goblins printings, disappeared from the internet. While this is a card that’s […]

Bonus Round – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

It’s not hard to understand why Magic the Gathering spellslingers love Bonus Round, a sorcery card from Battlebond, a set designed exclusively for Two-Headed Giant play. In Two-Headed Giant, you have two teams of two players that share a life total and work together to defeat the other team. This three-mana sorcery (1RR) makes it […]

Archfiend of Depravity – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Archfiend of Depravity is an interesting creature card from Fate Reforged. He would later have a promotional printing as well as a reprint in Archenemy: Nicol Bolas. Besides being a decent sideboard card during his time in Standard, the Demon has become a favorite of casual and Commander players. He has decent stats as a […]

Crush of Tentacles – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

When Magic the Gathering players first heard about the fact that Two-Headed Giant would become more supported as a format due to mechanics in the Oath of the Gatewatch set, the news seemed to rub many the wrong way. However, it turned out that the Surge mechanic introduced in Magic’s Oath of the Gatewatch set […]

Four-Color Approach of the Second Sun Deck – A Magic the Gathering Deck Profile

As a Magic: the Gathering player who loves instant win conditions built into cards, it shouldn’t be surprising that I’m a big fan of Approach of the Second Sun. It’s a deceptively simple win condition that this Amonkhet sorcery offers, too. It costs 7 mana to cast (6W) and gains you 7 life. That doesn’t […]

Blade of Selves – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Blade of Selves is an Equipment that features the Myriad mechanic, new to Commander 2015. While the effect of Myriad is useless in one-on-one Magic, in multiplayer Commander games, this Blade can be extremely powerful if equipped to the right creature. This Blade gives the equipped creature Myriad, which means for each player beyond the […]

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