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Is Ivysaur a Good Pokemon?

Ivysaur is the first evolution of Pokemon’s Bulbasaur, one of the first three starters ever in the entire video game franchise. As I discussed in my writeup “Is Bulbasaur Good in Pokemon,” Ivysaur gains about a 25 percent gain in base stats with the tradeoff being that it naturally learns its moves later.  When I […]

Infernal Kirin – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Many of the Legendary Creatures in Magic the Gathering’s Legendary-happy Kamigawa Block are absolutely terrible as Commanders. A few of them are actually pretty cool. One you rarely hear about is Infernal Kirin. Similar to his Blue counterpart, Cloudhoof Kirin, he has an ability that activates whenever you cast an Arcane or Spirit spell. Unlike […]

Is It Worth Buying the Signature Spellbook: Gideon Box Set for Magic the Gathering?

The Jace Signature Spellbook was an interesting concept, but many players and collectors agree that it fell short in terms of power level. But, with the Gideon Signature Spellbook, Wizards of the Coast chose some powerful cards, as well as some other decent cards, all of which make sense to include in Gideon’s spellbook. So, […]

Flying Crane Technique – Every Magic Card Has a Story

“There are many Jeskai styles: Riverwalk imitates flowing water, Dragonfist the ancient hellkites, and Flying Crane the wild aven of the high peaks.” – Flying Crane Technique flavor text. The Jeskai clan from Magic the Gathering’s Khans of Tarkir set is definitely full of red, white, and blue cards that have plenty of stories to […]

Forlorn Pseudamma – Every Magic Card Has a Story

“More children taken. This is an evil we will track without mercy.” – Anthousa of Setessa Forlorn Pseudamma is one of many cards from Magic the Gathering’s Born of the Gods set that features the Inspired mechanic. Inspired is a neat little ability that gives creatures with it a special effect whenever they untap. Some […]

Angrath’s Marauders – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

When Angrath’s Marauders was first released in Magic the Gathering’s Ixalan set, most players weren’t that impressed. On this card’s face, you see the 7-mana (5 colorless, 2 Red) casting cost and think even if this creature does something good, where will it see any play? The answer for cards like this is typically Commander. […]

Rakdos Pit Dragon – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Printed in May 2006’s Magic the Gathering release, Dissension, the Rakdos Pit Dragon doesn’t hold a flame to the Dragons printed today. But, at the time, this “build a better dragon” creature was not only playable, but even competitive. From 2007 to 2014 saw Top 8 competitive play in Legacy Dragon Stompy decks. We’ll get […]

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