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Analysis of various Pokemon in both competitive action and the main line adventure games.

Is Wyrdeer a Good Pokemon?

Native to the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends Arceus, Wyrdeer is a special regional evolution of Stantler. One of the oldest Pokemon in the game series, Stantler first appeared in Generation 2’s Gold and Silver. Originally a Normal-type, when it evolves, Wyrdeer is a Psychic/Normal type. This new Pokemon has the same typing as another […]

Is Hisuian Electrode a Good Pokemon?

With Voltorb receiving a new Hisuian form in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, the overall sentiment seems to be that he’s a cute new addition to the exciting new take on Pokemon adventure games for the Nintendo Switch. From a competitive standpoint, though, a lot of top players aren’t too thrilled about Hisuian Voltorb, and […]

Is Charizard Good in Competitive Pokemon?

It seems like an absurd question to ask if the fan-favorite Charizard is a good Pokemon, as there is plenty of history to back up Charizard’s viability as a competitive Pokemon. Also, as one of Ash Ketchum’s ace monsters, there’s a lot of fans out there who probably don’t realize that Charizard isn’t quite as […]

Is Blastoise a Good Pokemon?

Blastoise has long been a favorite of many old school Pokemon players simply because of how versatile the Shellfish Pokemon can be. His defenses are solid both physically and specially, and he’s also a decent physical attacker and special attacker. While in the first games he was overshadowed in competitive play by Venusaur and Charizard, […]

Is Fearow a Good Pokemon?

As far as Bird Pokemon are concerned, Fearow was most certainly one of the best you could run with in the first ever Pokemon games, Red and Blue. While Pidgey was certainly more common and evolved into the very recognizable Pidgeot, Spearow evolved more quickly into a much more fearsome Pokemon. Like Pidgeot, though, Fearow […]

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