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What is the Best Lickilicky Card in the Pokemon Trading Card Game?

With the incredible popularity of my article “Is Lickilicky a Good Pokemon?” I decided to finally pen an article about the often maligned pocket monster in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. As of January 2022, there are only nine Lickilicky cards in the card game. Considering it’s from the 4th generation of games, Diamond and […]

Is Kleavor a Good Pokemon?

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Kleavor is the new regional Hisuian evolution for Scyther. It’s a Bug/Rock type Pokemon, in a similar vein to Dwebble and Crustle. As it stands, Crustle has been a good Shell Smash-powered Pokemon in playthroughs and is passable in the lowest tiers of competitive play. Sure, Bug/Rock isn’t a great defensive […]

Is Wyrdeer a Good Pokemon?

Native to the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends Arceus, Wyrdeer is a special regional evolution of Stantler. One of the oldest Pokemon in the game series, Stantler first appeared in Generation 2’s Gold and Silver. Originally a Normal-type, when it evolves, Wyrdeer is a Psychic/Normal type. This new Pokemon has the same typing as another […]

Is Hisuian Electrode a Good Pokemon?

With Voltorb receiving a new Hisuian form in the Pokemon Legends Arceus game, the overall sentiment seems to be that he’s a cute new addition to the exciting new take on Pokemon adventure games for the Nintendo Switch. From a competitive standpoint, though, a lot of top players aren’t too thrilled about Hisuian Voltorb, and […]

Is Charmeleon a Good Pokemon?

It may surprise some Pokemon fans that Charmander is actually the weakest of the first generation of starter Pokemon, although dedicated fans of Squirtle and Bulbasaur will probably agree with that statement. It probably isn’t nearly as surprising that Charmeleon is not as good as Wartortle and Ivysaur, Pokemon that can actually succeed outside of […]

Is Pidgeot a Good Pokemon?

One of the victims of Pokemon Sword and Shield’s Pokedex crunch, Pidgeot is one of the most familiar Pokemon from the game’s first generation. While it hasn’t held up well over the years, and was inferior in many respects to Fearow from the same generation, Pidgeot was your rival’s favorite flying type. But, Pidgeot gained […]

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