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Saturnine (Poetry)

“Saturnine” is a poem written around the various definitions of the title word of the poem, Saturnine. Oh, who is this unsmiling face? Where once there was a happy place Somber tones, brooding expressions,  Now leave a gloomy impression This melancholy state in which  you’re in must make a sudden switch So humorless now, but […]

Rainmaker (Poetry)

Sweet blue earth, won’t you weep for me?Nothing’s now left to do, but the cryingSo many tears to fall, saltier than the seaBut my eyes are dry, why’s the rainmaker lying?Need to wash away the memory of her so ugly Rainmaker, rainmaker, drown me right nowBefore remembrance takes too much hold‘Fore I remember what, where, […]

Modern Magic (Poetry)

Modern magic mystifiesThese old weary eyesSo much for so littleYet too little for too muchHow do you describeThis hollow modern lifeGone are the daysTo just settle downAnd take a wife You keep goingOr you just dieModern life glorifiesOnly the beginningAnd the bitter endAll the middle is butAn empty spaceDecadent yet so tragicLacking any purpose You […]

Dream Coach (Poetry)

All I have to give you is love and affectionThere is no cause for me to make deceptionI’ve been ecstatic since our relation’s conceptionSo proud and humbled by this beautiful connection I am awkward, lacking in confidence and graceYou don’t have to pretty yourself with glitter & laceBut I hope you can see the beauty […]

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