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Why I Chose SEO Over Social Media for Boosting My Online Presence

For many years, social media was a major part of my existence. It’s how I reconnected with people from my past, stayed in touch with my current friends, and met some really great people, my wife Thomas included. It was even a large part of my job as a digital marketer for over a decade, […]

How to Deal with Difficult Thoughts: Mapping the Unconscious Mind

Constantly, I wonder about my motivations for writing. It’s when I reach these crossroads about my intentions that I find myself dealing with difficult thoughts to express or articulate. I find myself asking questions that I don’t feel qualified to try and answer in any sort of meaningful way. In the past, I’d retreat to […]

Self-Reflection Goes Beyond The Mirror

Self-Reflection is a major key to mastering self-improvement. By continually journaling and meditating over your daily successes and failures, you gain the ability to better recognize the areas in which you need the most improving. It takes constant effort to grow a little bit in each area every day. If you don’t self-reflect, you aren’t […]

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