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Poetry written by Amelia Phoenix Desertsong

Poetic Wax (Poetry)

Inject the poor soul with poetic waxA formula one for sweet sounding traxLeft you a cold one with cinnamon fizzyOne soul’s track is another one’s dizzy Man walks alone and his soul turns to dustThe Woman gives in to a heart full of lustShe seeks her fortune with unbridled forceHe suffers consequence of sudden divorce […]

Scriptures (Poetry)

Lost in the sands of forgotten times Lies a treasure from a distant past Fellows, we must recapture this trinket Of lost passions and intellect From long buried centuries passed We still have so little to teach And infinitely too much to learn O Fortune’s wheel! It has turned! The princely one’s reign has ended […]

Chalk Dust (Poetry)

Smoke trailing the nuclear rocketAhead’s his palace and it’s gonna sock itHigh tech bombers gonna chalk it upWatch the fireworks, two thumbs up What kinda world we livin’ in?To dreadfully punish every lil’ sinWe make mistakes the moment we beginSit back & realize these are our kin Everything a deadly planAlways trying to widen the […]

The Firmament (Poetry)

Where the sky meets the waterThat is where I want to beOr is it where the water meets the sky?The greatest firmament that ever was I wish to reach for the endless horizonThe great infinity, the indescribable beautyTo reach farther, to dream further, to stretchMy imagination to the highest firmament I long to dream of […]

The Lacquer (Poetry)

Buried beneath the lacquerThe liquor stole your beautiful sightInside you suck on your inhalerSearching for some inner light What’s left within for rightIs there any purpose to fightYou’re fading even palerThe days are growing ever staler This is a stage of frightDarkened by eternal nightHate pervades the valleysAnd slips through the broken levees Watch the […]

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