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3 Tips for Avoiding Homeschool Burnout

Taking full responsibility for your child’s education through homeschooling can be fun and exciting. There are many choices to be made. While this freedom has many benefits, parents can also find themselves suffering from homeschool burnout. Some common reasons for burnout aren’t even directly related to homeschooling. These reasons can include a new baby or […]

How Can Content Curation Make You an Authority in Your Favorite Topics?

One of the hardest things about creating content online is getting people to come back for more. Whether you do blogging, vlogging, podcasting, social media influencing, or some combination of any of these, there are many benefits of becoming an authority in your given field, favorite topics, or areas of expertise. You can build up […]

The Rather Odd Proceedings of the Mersault Trial in “The Stranger”

In Albert Camus’ novel, “The Stranger,” the trial of one Mr. Mersault begins with a murder case. However, the focus of the trial drifts considerably from the original charge. After a short time, the proceedings are no longer about a murder. Mersault’s very nature as an extremely passive, nonchalant person ends up being put on […]

My 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame (BBHOF) Virtual Ballot

I’ve never bothered to actually write an article about the upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame election each year, despite being extremely interested in the ballot tracking and reading the arguments for and against each player on the ballot with keen attention. What makes this year different is that there are ten players that I decided […]

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