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Boone Logan and the Rockies: MLB Worst Free Agent Signings

As an armchair baseball GM for much of my teenage years and a good chunk of my young adulthood, I loved to over-analyze free agent signings by MLB teams. Some of my favorite deals to tear apart were those that paid many millions of dollars to relief pitchers, who often didn’t pitch more than 50 […]

Skip Schumaker and the Reds: MLB Worst Free Agent Signings

On November 18, 2013, Cincinnati Reds General Manager Walt Jocketty made one of the strangest free agent signings I’ve ever seen with the signing of Skip Schumaker. While it certainly doesn’t go down as an all-time front office misstep, it certainly had a pretty bad ending to a respected role player’s career. Here’s what I […]

Matt Diaz Was a Good Major League Baseball Player

When I was perusing Google Trends for article topics in January 2018, I noticed a couple of names among trending baseball players that surprised me. These names were Rich Hill and Matt Diaz. I quickly realized that the trend for Rich Hill had to do with the documentary film that shares his name. However, former […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Earl Wilson

While the 1960 Topps baseball set is rightly better known for a much more valuable Red Sox rookie card in Carl Yastrzemski, another Boston rookie card also deserves attention: that of starting pitcher Earl Wilson. The right-handed Wilson actually didn’t start off that well in his two first two Major League Baseball stints in 1959 […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Scott Seabol

Not many people probably remember the baseball player Scott Seabol. He was drafted by the New York Yankees in the 88th round in 1996. That’s an absurdly late draft pick, and the MLB draft never goes that far anymore. Seabol had a couple of big minor league seasons in the Yankees organization before being called […]

Brief Baseball Bios – Andy Van Slyke

In most of my brief baseball bios I’ve written, I’ve mostly written about Hall-of-Fame caliber players past and present, some of which have been snubbed from being in the great Hall. Today, I’m writing about a very good player, but not a Hall-of-Famer: Andy Van Slyke. The main reason I’m writing about him is that […]

Baseball Bios – Don Money

In 2015, Baseball Reference unveiled a new feature highlighting the top players by Wins Above Replacement (better known as WAR) for any given franchise. It also gives the Top WAR leaders for any given season. While Wins Above Replacement isn’t everyone’s favorite stat, it is a great stat when it comes to comparing players in […]

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