Blessing of Frost – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

This card was spoiled via a Kaldheim leak shared from MTG Arena Zone and has not yet been confirmed by Wizards of the Coast.

With the Kaldheim set being based on Nordic mythology, it seemed like a foregone conclusion to many Magic the Gathering players that there would be Snow cards in the set. Blessing of Frost is not only the first Snow card to be revealed in the set, it’s also the first non-permanent Snow card we’ve seen. Previously, Snow cards were only found in Ice Age, Coldsnap, and Modern Horizons, and all Snow cards had been permanents such as artifacts, creatures, enchantments, or lands.

Blessing of Frost is a 4-mana sorcery that costs 3 colorless and one Green mana to cast. It allows you to distribute a number of +1/+1 counters equal to the number of Snow mana spent to cast it. This means that you’ll have to tap 4 snow-covered lands to get the most value out of this card. Once you distribute those counters, you then draw a card for each creature you control with power 4 or greater. That’s not a bad way to draw some cards in Green, certainly, but it does require that you be completely all in with a deck full of Snow-covered lands, which isn’t a big deal considering that Modern Horizons finally made them extremely easy to acquire.

This Blessing doesn’t feel especially powerful to me, but I can certainly see Blessing of Frost seeing some play in +1/+1 counter themed decks. I know that there are many Commander decks that will play it just for the card draw. Also, there are a good number of Modern decks that play Snow-covered lands thanks to cards from Modern Horizons, so even there you may find a copy or two of this card in the right deck.

How would you play Blessing of Frost?

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