Battle for Bretagard – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Battle for Bretagard

Green and White tokens has long been a popular deck-building strategy in Magic the Gathering, and the Kaldheim set brings token lovers a new toy to play with in Battle for Bretagard. This Saga, which is an Enchantment that only sticks around for its “chapters” to play out, creates two different tokens, creates a copy of each artifact and/or creature token you control with different names, then sacrifices itself.

It’s notable that Battle for Bretagard copies artifact tokens, such as Treasure tokens, as well as creature tokens. The Saga also creates a 1/1 white Human Warrior creature token and a 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature token. That’s a good deal for 3 mana, especially if you have other tokens already around to copy, which is a very good chance even by turn five of a game. Besides the fact that creature token players in Commander will happily find a way to slot a copy of Battle for Bretagard into their decks, it should see competitive play elsewhere, too.

The only downside to Battle for Bretagard is that its effects are spread out over the course of three turns. In the case of many Saga cards, those effects are often much more potent than simply creating a 1/1 token for two of those turns. Of course, that final super “populate” ability can be quite powerful in the right game state, making this a Saga that gets better as the game goes along.

To unlock the full potential of this card, your deck really needs to be all in on the token plan. The only downside to that is there are many ways to make a token army disappear in an instant. Still, this card will often leave you with four 1/1 tokens, which is well worth three mana.

There are many ways this card could be used and abused for sure, but Battle for Bretagard is a card that requires timing. It’s a card that for sure was going to see plenty of play in Commander. While it the Saga certainly is included in some deck lists for token-happy Legendaries like Maja, Bretagard Protector, Rhys the Redeemed, and Trostani, Selesnya’s Voice, it’s not nearly a staple among any of these Commanders. In fact, Battle for Bretagard is most common in Saga tribal decks led by Satsuki, the Living Lore.

Would this card eventually be broken outside of Commander, though? With as many artifact tokens running around the game by 2022, it seemed that only time would be needed for this card to break out. Unfortunately, this Saga has never really reached top level play. It did appear in the occasional Naya Tokens deck list in April 2021 Standard like this one. It’s also popped up in the odd Selesnya Tokens Pioneer deck list.

For as good as this card is on paper, it takes three full turns for it to truly matter, but with Blood tokens, Clues, and even Powerstone tokens in today’s Modern and Pioneer formats, it’s only a matter of time before someone brews up something special with this Saga Enchantment.

How would you play Battle for Bretagard?

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