Name Something You Lost or Gave Away That Can Never Be Replaced

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I am such a packrat. In fact, I still own things from when I was literally a baby. To be honest, though, the main thing I’ve lost or given away in my life is time to things and people that probably didn’t deserve it. But, do I regret that time? I don’t at all. After all, we live and learn!

Sure, there are things I’ve lost that meant a lot to me. The main thing I’ve lost I can think of right off the top of my head are my first Pokemon cards. Many of them were first edition, and in 2020, they would be ridiculously expensive to replace.  I had them stolen in junior high, back when everyone brought their Pokemon cards to school. Yeah, that was a really stupid idea. So, of course, I brought a few cards and they got stolen. 

One thing that I have given away in abundance that I rarely got back is my love. The thing is, I always did so, with the hope that it would be returned. It was not for, like, 28 years. Fortunately, eventually someone did return my love who wasn’t trying to either take advantage of me or have relations with me… 

What I have learned since is you need to give love freely and cheerfully. Then, when you receive hate, just be as absolutely overwhelming gorgeous as you can be. Return negativity with shameless positivity and just make them feel like absolute fecal matter. Love is infinite, so you can never run out. It’s like Maya Angelou said about creativity, the more you use, the more you have.

One thing that I actually have lost is the use of almost my entire left lung thanks to cancer. Fortunately, by the Grace of God, I survived. Unfortunately, my once epically incredible singing voice is nowhere what it was. I’ve been training back it up, but it may just never get back to where it once was. So, I am sad about that, but I will live, because God loves me and I will keep on singing anyway!

What is something you’ve lost or given away that you wish you could get back?

~ Amelia <3

Thanks to Thomas Slatin’s 130 Writing Prompts for the inspiration for this post!

Writing words, spreading love, Amelia Desertsong primarily writes creative nonfiction articles, as well as dabbling in baseball, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and whatever else tickles her fancy.

9 thoughts on “Name Something You Lost or Gave Away That Can Never Be Replaced

    1. I’ve lost almost all my friends from childhood except one. It was mostly them moving away and losing touch, or just not being as good of people as I thought they were, etc. I didn’t bring those up because I’ve made better friends since. But, losing someone that you were close to in your early years really does hurt. :/

      Thanks for sharing, Aleesha 🙂

        1. In my 33 years, I’ve had so many so called “friends” betray me. I only have three good ones left, one my childhood best friend of 31 years – who’s always gonna be there for me. Another I met recently and he’s awesome. The other is the mother of my children 🙂

          That’s all I need for close friends. I’m good. But, of course, I always want more friends 🙂

  1. Until I met Angie at age 22, every relationship I had was based on unrequited love, where I was putting forth the effort to love and literally getting nothing in return. We have been together since June of 2002. ?

    1. You two are awesome couple goals 🙂 <3

      I didn't mean the love of my life until I was 28. But, she was worth it. Sure, it didn't work out long term, but we're still BFFs and had a hell of a ride together!

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