Arni Brokenbrow – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Kaldheim promised plenty of Dwarves for Magic the Gathering fans, and Arni Brokenbrow highlights one of the new mechanics that the Dwarf Tribe gets to take advantage of in Boast. Arni Brokenbrow is a 3 mana Legendary Creature, costing 2 colorless and 1 Red mana to cast. He’s a 3/3 with Haste to begin with, but his Boast ability could be quite powerful. For just a single colorless mana, Arni’s Boast ability allows him to switch his power to 1 plus the highest power of creatures on the battlefield you control.

Players quickly picked up on the Berserker tribe support early in Kaldheim spoilers, sending Coldsnap Barbarian lord Lovisa Coldeyes and her price skyrocketing. Arni was a good sign that Berserkers are indeed getting some great new creatures.

What’s great about Arni Brokenbrow is that he’s a creature who gets better as the game goes along. While he doesn’t have trample, there will likely be enough support in a typical Dwarf deck with Auras and/or equipment to allow him to deal a massive amount of damage on his first attack.

Since Arni is a Legendary Creature, there will undoubtedly be plenty of Commander players itching to run him out there. The best strategy for Arni seems to be to play around his Boast ability, supporting him with as many power boosts as possible. It will be fascinating to see what people brew around him in that format.

In Standard, the applications seem obvious, as Mono-Red decks will be happy to play him, even those who don’t center around Dwarves or Berserkers. In fact, any deck that can run out high power creatures for a low mana investment can find a way to use and abuse Arni’s Boast ability.

How would you play Arni Brokenbrow?

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