Are Ghost Writers for Your Blog a Good Idea?

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When you’re looking to create content for your website, there are many ways to go. Many website owners don’t want to write everything themselves. One solution is to have a group of people who write blog posts. You could also have regular guest bloggers to help bring new perspectives. 

The most important thing about blogging is to be consistent with your brand. This means having a cohesive content strategy. That involves being well aware of your target audience, and connecting with their values, beliefs, and pain points. So, whoever you have writing for you must take all these things into account.

Of course, the easiest way to make sure that happens is to write it all yourself. In fact, in the past many branding experts stressed that company owners should be the primary writers for your blog. But, this isn’t always practical. 

Even if you know what to write for your target audience, who can you trust to be consistent with creating that content? You could hire a content team, but that’s not a practical solution for many website owners. But, there is another solution, one that allows you to put your own name on the content without actually having to write it yourself.

Enter the ghostwriters. Of course, many websites have consistent ghostwriters. Some will even write most or all of the content for a website. There are pros and cons to hiring outside your company, however. So, what are the benefits and drawbacks to having ghostwriters for your blog?

Ghostwriters and SEO

Ghostwriting is a pretty old profession. Using ghostwriters for consistent content creation is also nothing new for SEO. The key is getting a very strong ghostwriter who can do the following things:

  • Strong writing skills who is an expert with grammar and readability
  • Experience with getting your ideas and messages across clearly and concisely
  • Strong at creating content relevant and useful to your target audience
  • Has a strong knowledge of SEO and how to use keywords effectively
  • Understands how to convey your brand’s values effectively

Choosing the right ghostwriter is extremely important. It’s especially good to hire someone who is willing to stick to a plan that you create in house. Having ghostwriters who are already familiar with writing in your industry or niche is a plus. They may even suggest additional topics for you to consider. 

Of course, you could hire a long-time professional writer or expert copywriter who isn’t an expert on your particular field. Great writers are flexible and adaptable. The trick is to build authority with your audience through the depth and consistency of the content you present. You need ghostwriters to reflect your own expertise and authority in your field.

How Often Should You Use Ghost Writers for Your Blog?

Where do you draw the line between writing everything in your own words versus hiring an outside freelance writer? There are plenty of ghostwriters out there who will happily help you write content on a daily basis. But, no matter how often you need ghostwritten content, the best option is to choose a single ghostwriter.

Even though you may hire a ghostwriter, you still want those blog posts with your name on them to still somewhat come from you. The best ghostwriters can take your raw ideas and polish them up to create a finished piece. Ideally, you also want someone who can also make them SEO-friendly.

Ghostwriters can be a valuable asset. Yes, outside bloggers who are already known in your industry can be an asset, as well. They can provide some credibility to your content overall. But, you need to put your own names on it, too. That’s true even if the content is completely ghostwritten.

So, yes, ghostwriters for your blog are a good idea. The best advice is to consistently stick with a single writer or group of writers.  There are many ghostwriters who are excellent at brand building and executing a content strategy. 

So, if you’re pressed for time and opportunity to write for yourself, put some of your own thoughts together. Build a content strategy that’s audience focused while stressing the core values of your brand. Then, you can hire an expert ghostwriter to put it all together for you.

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