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Abandoned Greenhouses Corinth Vermont

In the dusky shadows of the forests surrounding Corinth, Vermont, forgotten by time and obscured by the encroaching wild, there lies a hallowed ground where memories wither like the once verdant leaves that sprouted in these forsaken sanctuaries. These three greenhouses, now abandoned, tattered, and tainted by the suffocating grip of decay, stand in eerie silence, their panes shattered and their timbers warped. Here, one may bear witness to a post-apocalyptic scene that invokes a profound sense of foreboding and whispers of long-lost dreams.

As the rain clouds begin to overwhelm the blue sky, the spectral remains of these greenhouses cast contorted shadows against the murky earth. Upon the forsaken landscape their twisted metal skeletons, once proud and sturdy, now buckle under the weight of time, like ancient titans bending their weary knees before the inescapable march of entropy. Fragments of shattered glass, lying strewn amidst the desolation, capture the fleeting sunbeams, refracting a thousand broken rainbows that dance like the wailing spirits of forgotten summer days.

The creeping tendrils of vines and thistle have claimed these silent mausoleums, their relentless growth infiltrating every nook and cranny, suffocating the remnants of human ambition that once nurtured life within these glass-encased tombs. Nature’s merciless conquest can be seen in the fungi that feast upon the timbers and the moss that blankets the once-smooth surfaces, leaving them gnarled and scarred like the hands of a blind soothsayer who has borne witness to the dark fate of this desolate realm.

The stillness of these desolate chambers is punctuated only by the rustling of leaves and the eerie creaking of timbers as they struggle to maintain their tenuous grasp on existence. Amidst this deafening quietude, one can almost hear the ghostly lamentations of the gardeners who once toiled within these hallowed nurseries, their desperate pleas carried away by the unrelenting winds that now howl through the shattered panes.

In this post-apocalyptic wasteland, the skeletal remains of the greenhouses serve as a chilling testament to the impermanence of human endeavor and the inexorable march of nature. As the sun ducks behind the growing rainstorm, the landscape is cast in a pall of sinister gloom. One cannot help but feel the oppressive weight of foreboding, as though the air were thick with the portents of doom. Yet, amidst this desolation, there is a haunting beauty that pervades the scene, a stark reminder of the fragile balance between creation and destruction.

The abandoned greenhouses of Corinth, Vermont stand as solemn keepers of a bygone era, their shattered visages etched against the somber sky, whispering tales of a post-apocalyptic world yet to come where hope has been swallowed by the encroaching darkness. Here, the very air shimmers with an unsettling aura of foreboding, as the tattered relics of a forgotten past lie entombed within the cold embrace of the earth, a chilling reminder of the inexorable cycle of life and the eternal struggle between the forces of creation and decay.

Photo taken by Amelia Desertsong, April 25, 2023. Edited by Tom Slatin.

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