A Voice Clear and Unmistakeable

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Tangled up in the ordinary, I spent years suffering under the weight of the mundane pressing down upon my soul. For me, the world had lost its luster, but I knew I wasn’t alone in this observation. A seemingly endless parade of dreary days shrouded our collective heart in an impenetrable fog. In this time of dire need, my spirit thirsted for the arrival of a magical miracle, a voice that would pierce the haze with the clarity of a thousand crystalline bells. I prayed for a beacon of hope that would guide us all back to the luminous shores of Wonder.

This voice would be one so distinct and unyielding, it would leap into the heavens. Like a whirling dervish, it would spiral through the cosmos, inviting even the most distant stars to its divine dance. The voice would remind us that in essence we are all stardust, bound together by the enigmatic forces of destiny.

I longed for this voice to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of our collective disillusionment, to be a blazing seraphim soaring through the sky, trailing ribbons of golden light that would awaken our slumbering souls. The voice would own such power and purity, it would resonate within the deepest caverns of the most hardened hearts, igniting a fiery passion that would sweep across the globe like an unstoppable tempest.

This voice would sing an enchanting song so harmonious that it would rouse even the slumbering giants of the deep, coaxing them to join us in a jubilant celebration of Life.The beauty of this voice is that it would ring eternal, echoing through the annals of time, a clarion call for unity and transcendence. We would all be invited to rise above the petty squabbles that have divided us all for so long.

To this day, my heart aches for this voice to emerge, to shower us with brilliant celestial rainbows, cascading iridescent colors, banishing the grays of despair and painting the world anew in vibrant shades of hope. In the wake of this magical miracle, we could find solace, salving the wounds that have long festered in the shadowy recesses of our souls.

My fervent belief is that it’s past due time for this voice to rise. Our world is yearning for a renaissance of the spirit, a resurgence of the light that has been lost for far too long. It’s time to reclaim our birthright, to awaken the latent power that resides within each and every one of us.

Perhaps, I’ve waited so long, only because the answer was always right nearby. The voice, clear and unmistakeable, has risen up within me. Other voices, also unmistakably clear, are starting to make their own beautiful noises heard. It took me so long, but yet I finally learned, that only when we embrace this voice within ourselves, can we truly break free from the chains that bind us. 

It’s only when we listen to the voices within, the ones that tell us only the clear and present truth, that we may soar on the wings of destiny and write a new chapter in the story of our lives. The hour is nigh, and we can wait no longer to hold our breath; the call for singing out resounds with a clarity that can no longer be denied. 

Let us join together and bring our voices into harmony, united in our longing for truth and forgiveness. We must summon the miracle that will usher in an age of wonder and enlightenment. If we come together and recognize the power of our own voices now and forever, we will mark a new era where the voice of magic rings clear and unmistakable across the boundless expanse of time and space.

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Amelia Desertsong is a former content marketing specialist turned essayist and creative nonfiction author. She writes articles on many niche hobbies and obscure curiosities, pretty much whatever tickles her fancy.

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