Month: November 2022

Spell Canceller – An Old School YuGiOh Card Review

One of the cooler ultra rare YuGiOh cards from Magician’s Force was a card called Spell Canceller. This level 5 monster prevents the activation of Spell cards and negates the effects of any Spell cards already in play. Basically, he’s an Imperial Order – a card banned in tournament play for much of its existence […]

What Would I Do With the Boston Red Sox in the 2022 MLB Offseason?

Based on the absurdly preliminary 2023 ZiPS projected standings released by Dan Szymborski, the Boston Red Sox appear to be a mediocre, but still somewhat winning team going into the 2023 season. This is without Xander Bogaerts, mind you, but is based on strong projections for pitcher Brayan Bello, infielder Enmanuel Valdez, and outfielder Cedanne […]

Is Paldean Tauros a Good Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

Tauros gets a regional form in Scarlet and Violet, and its Paldean form may bring what was once one of the mightiest of all Pokemon from Generation 1 back into the competitive spotlight. At least we hope, especially given that this Tauros from Paldea comes in three delicious flavors. One is a Fighting Type, one […]

Is Flamigo a Good Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet?

Color me surprised we never got a Flamingo Pokemon before, but now we finally have one in Flamigo. It’s honestly a simple, but clean design. Also, it’s a Flying/Fighting type like Hawlucha and Galarian Zapdos, which already makes it interesting. Flamigo has a couple of really good abilities. First is Scrappy, meaning Flamigo’s Fighting and […]

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