Month: January 2022

Is Hisuian Lilligant a Good Pokemon

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Lilligant is not only one of the lucky Pokemon to be granted a Hisuian form, but is even a Noble Pokemon. Gaining the Fighting type isn’t all the Flowering Pokemon has in store, but a brand new spread for its stats, too. Whereas traditional Lilligant is a special attacker, Hisuian Lilligant […]

Is Sneasler a Good Pokemon?

Sneasler is the alternate evolution for Sneasel in the Hisui region of Pokemon Legends Arceus. Despite the somewhat lazy name for this new Pokemon, it has some pros over its other traditional evolution in Weavile. First off, Sneasel and Sneasler are both Poison/Fighting type in Hisui, rather than the traditional Ice/Dark type pairing of Sneasel […]

Is Hisuian Arcanine a Good Pokemon?

Growlithe is among the first 150 Pokemon ever created, and its evolution into the powerful Arcanine continues to be among the most popular of all pocket monsters. In Pokemon Legends Arceus, Growlithe was one of the first to be officially revealed with a regional Hisui variant, this one being both Rock and Fire type. While […]

Graven Lore – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Graven Lore is a Snow instant spell card from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. It’s similar to a few draw cards that we’ve seen in the past that have popped up in competitive play. This card is reminiscent of Precognitive Perception from Ravnica Allegiance. That card drew you three cards for five mana, but allowed […]

Kardur, Doomscourge – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic the Gathering has had many Legendary Creatures over the years printed at uncommon, dating all the way back to Legends, but not having any appear between then and Champions of Kamigawa. Betrayers of Kamigawa and Saviors of Kamigawa continued the trend of uncommon legendary cards. Then, we saw no more until Dominaria and yet […]

Lucario EX – A Pokemon TCG Card Review

Lucario EX is one of the best cards from the Pokemon Trading Card Game Expansion Set X&Y Furious Fists. There is a Mega Lucario EX card in this set, as well. In general, Lucario is a very popular Pokemon whose cards tend to be highly sought after by collectors. While many Pokemon cards are collectible […]

Dragonkin Berserker – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Dragonkin Berserker is a two-mana Human Berserker creature card from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. At first glance, Dragonkin Berserker reminds long-time Magic players of a couple other creatures who create Dragon creature tokens, namely Dragon Whisperer and Dragonmaster Outcast. Neither of those creatures panned out the way many players expected them to, although the […]

Boone Logan and the Rockies: MLB Worst Free Agent Signings

As an armchair baseball GM for much of my teenage years and a good chunk of my young adulthood, I loved to over-analyze free agent signings by MLB teams. Some of my favorite deals to tear apart were those that paid many millions of dollars to relief pitchers, who often didn’t pitch more than 50 […]

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