Month: December 2021

Mercurial Pretender – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

On first glance, Mercurial Pretender looks like just another Magic the Gathering Core Set rare destined for the bulk bins. Generally, that initial impression would be correct, but it’s also important to consider what this card was meant to do. As clone effects go, Mercurial Pretender is seemingly a bit overcosted at five mana, where […]

My 2022 Baseball Hall of Fame (BBHOF) Virtual Ballot

I’ve never bothered to actually write an article about the upcoming Baseball Hall of Fame election each year, despite being extremely interested in the ballot tracking and reading the arguments for and against each player on the ballot with keen attention. What makes this year different is that there are ten players that I decided […]

Kaito Shizuki – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

From the Magic the Gathering trading card set that brought you an infinite mana combo Dragon, we have a Ninja Planeswalker in Kaito Shizuki! Admittedly, Atsushi the Blazing Sky is a pretty powerful card with the right support in Commander, and Kaito Shizuki is a card in a similar vein. Not only is this easily […]

Atsushi the Blazing Sky – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

With all of the absolute nonsense about Alchemy and digital-only mayhem being the talk of the Magic the Gathering world around Christmas Time 2021, it was refreshing to get some super early spoilers for the Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty set. Right away, we were shown the beautiful full-art basic lands, along with a pretty good looking […]

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