Month: June 2021

The Only Child of an Atomic Engineer (Press Release)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact Name Thomas SlatinPhone 518-222-9980Email tom@tomslatin.comWebsite The Only Son of an Atomic Engineer:My Journey From Playful Beginnings To Published WriterA Must-Read For Every Aspiring Writer, Dreamer And Outcast, Author AndPhotography By Thomas Slatin, Available Now VERMONT, UNITED STATES, June 22nd, 2021— Emerging author and photographer Thomas Slatin cringes when asked what he does […]

Why Do We Care That Kendall Jenner is Dating Devin Booker?

While I’ve certainly written celebrity themed content in the past, long ago, I promised myself that I would never stoop to writing celebrity content for the sake of being trendy. That is, at least as it pertained to celebrities that I didn’t actually care about.  But, as a longtime blogger who long kept abreast of […]

Why Katy Perry’s Electric Pokemon 25 Collab Song Was a Shock to My System

Full disclosure: this isn’t the first article I’ve penned regarding a Katy Perry song and it certainly won’t be the last. What’s remarkable about this particular song, however, is something rather unique for me when it comes to breaking down what I felt made a song great for me. On the contrary, I don’t feel […]

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