Month: March 2021

The Key to Great SEO is Answering Your Audience’s Questions

Tired of worrying about keyword search volume and competition when doing SEO? Instead, focus on searcher intent, what questions the people you want to find you are asking. Trying to write for a moving target like an ever-evolving search algorithm can be counterproductive. Sure, there are people out there who promise “instant results.” But, true […]

How to Use SEO-Friendly Content to Build Your Brand

Creating SEO-friendly content is one of the key online marketing best practices in 2021. But, your content should not only be optimized for search. Writing content that both puts visitors first and invites positive interactions is a key part of your brand’s reputation management. Learn how to reap the benefits of enacting a strong brand […]

Nissa’s Renewal – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

At first glance, Nissa’s Renewal from Magic the Gathering’s Battle for Zendikar set appears to be a worse version of the popular ramp card, Boundless Realms. It could also be a slightly better Nissa’s Expedition or Peregrination. Although Nissa’s Expedition had Convoke on it which could lower its casting cost by tapping creatures you controlled, […]

Assault Formation – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

When it was first revealed during Dragons of Tarkir spoiler season, Assault Formation was praised by casual and competitive players alike. It immediately reminded long-time players of the Legendary Creature Doran the Siege Tower, which made your creatures deal combat damage according to their power rather than toughness. Since Assault Formation was released, there have […]

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