Month: February 2021

Is It Worth Buying the Signature Spellbook: Gideon Box Set for Magic the Gathering?

The Jace Signature Spellbook was an interesting concept, but many players and collectors agree that it fell short in terms of power level. But, with the Gideon Signature Spellbook, Wizards of the Coast chose some powerful cards, as well as some other decent cards, all of which make sense to include in Gideon’s spellbook. So, […]

Are Digital Blockchain Collectibles the Future of Game Marketing?

While the digital collectibles market size is certainly currently nowhere near it yet, it’s believed that blockchain collectibles could end up becoming a $200 billion industry. Yes, you read that correctly: a two hundred billion dollar industry. Companies both new and old are pouring tens of millions of dollars into crypto collectibles ventures. One in […]

Flying Crane Technique – Every Magic Card Has a Story

“There are many Jeskai styles: Riverwalk imitates flowing water, Dragonfist the ancient hellkites, and Flying Crane the wild aven of the high peaks.” – Flying Crane Technique flavor text. The Jeskai clan from Magic the Gathering’s Khans of Tarkir set is definitely full of red, white, and blue cards that have plenty of stories to […]

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