Month: November 2020

Next Road (Poetry)

Looking in the mirrorWho’s this being I see?I’m pretty sureAt another timeI’d be sure it wasn’t meWhat have I done wrong?And where have I gone right? Where’s the next roadI should take?Life is a highway, they sayAnd I’m looking for my exitBut, ain’t it too earlyTo stop driving nowWhen I haven’t even started? Written 2-7-2005

Lost in Love (Poetry)

Keep this with youNever lose it for meCan’t lose this love Whatever might be When tragedy strikesOnce and againThis cannot endMy best friend  Lost in loveWhirled aroundSpun downRound about Dizzy and disoriented Streets that don’t cross Yet go on endlesslyA concrete jungle maze It’s not the last trip By a long shotBut we’ve come upTo a dead stop If […]

Legacy (Poetry)

Enough money wasted on these scamsToo much pressure put on my diaphragmWhat is there going to be left of me?What will become of my legacy? I can’t help but stand by honestyHad enough of this life’s travestiesOnly concerned for future humanityWhat will become of our legacy? Try to rise above the general insanityIs there a […]

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