Month: October 2020

The Odd Pair (Poetry)

“The Odd Pair” is a poem that I wrote for a communications course called Oral Interpretations in my junior year of college. You see them everyday outsideAn odd pair wandering aimlesslyOr are they meandering purposefully?The closeness true friendship providesYou can hear one in the other confideSo long they’ve known each other, so easilyThey can feel […]

12 Strategies for Generating Writing Ideas

Do you find yourself lacking writing ideas? Have you found generating writing ideas has become difficult? There are many strategies out there for brainstorming writing topics.  Some work well for many writers, while other methods don’t work for other writers. That’s why I decided to gather 12 different strategies for generating writing ideas. Hopefully, a […]

Sinners (Poetry)

Once we were sinnersWith heads full of steamCruising down the boulevardPaved with beer-battered broken dreams We were driftersWithout a clueWe were dumb sinnersWith nothing left to lose Always on the lookoutFor poor waving thumbsTo join our wandering brigadeA choir of forgotten souls And I know, I know, I know that we’re still damnedI know, yeah, […]

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