Month: September 2020

The Continuation (Poetry)

Where did we leave off?When we last left our heroWhat peril was she facingHow could we expectA honestly satisfying conclusionHer mortal enemyWhy was he nowhereTo be seen? This is the continuationVague and fullOf misdirectionDistractionsOur hero remainsUnsure if she will prevailYet she continues Is it merely existenceAfter such defeatAll that was leftTo fight for, to dreamHas […]

The 2nd Chance (Poetry)

Torn from the pages of spiral notebooks, here is “The 2nd Chance” from June 2007. “The 2nd Chance” Junkies hang outside the windowBroken glass carpets the sidewalkSorrowful tears flood the hallwaysWhat’s left in these corridorsBut, the feeling of letting go? You can talk all you wantBut, your pretty wordsWon’t save me nowLie through your teethSaying […]

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