Month: August 2020

“The A.M.” (Poetry)

“The A.M.” is a poem about waking up in the morning to the same old uninspired routine. Have you seen the sunPeeking in between the clouds?The mist’s too heavyThe air’s too heavy to breathe It’s the AM, right?With double-feature nightmaresWithout a last laughIt feels more it’s like midnight There’s no punchline hereIn my situational Comedy, the […]

What Makes Something Underrated?

People often throw around the term “underrated.” But, what does that really mean? The Urban Dictionary defines ‘underrated’ as this: “Something or someone that deserves much more respect than people will allow.” There’s something a bit peculiar about that definition to me. Basically, for something to be underrated, people disallow something a certain respect? If that’s […]

“1040AM” (Poetry)

“1040am”  is a poem about a gloomy Monday morning at the office. Caramel coffee starts the dayTobacco n’ smoke rings on breakMeaningless banter is exchangedOn a gloomy Monday morning He has a stomach full of greaseAnd a heart lacking affectionFor all his fellows, the poor soulsLive only on coffee and cigs Total lack of inspirationNo […]

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