Month: August 2020

How to Regain Lost Momentum with Your Writing

Don’t have time to write? Please, don’t feel bad. Sometimes, we just don’t have the time to spare because of other responsibilities. Other times, we have the time, but not the inspiration or the drive to actually set to work on writing something.  Sometimes, we writers feel like we have to force something to regain […]

Essay (Poetry)

“Essay” is a poem about writing poetry and treating it as a rhyming essay. It’s about the fusion of prose and poetry. This is an essayFull of whack wordplay Have I gone all crayNo dues left to payI’ve cashed out today Colorful arrayMixed with bluish greysA palette to amazeA syllable mazeLost you in a daze These […]

Love, Interrupted (Poetry)

“Love, Interrupted” is a poem about love gone very wrong. This interrupted love’sJust so unproductiveThis love interruptedSo sweetly destructive It’s an eye for an eyeOur souls are bleeding outTorn to shreds, you and IOur blood is flowing south No time to wait and sitEnough senseless poutingMy lackluster loverIt’s showtime, my darling Originally written 2/24/09 / […]

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