Month: April 2020

Brief Baseball Bios – Earl Wilson

While the 1960 Topps baseball set is rightly better known for a much more valuable Red Sox rookie card in Carl Yastrzemski, another Boston rookie card also deserves attention: that of starting pitcher Earl Wilson. The right-handed Wilson actually didn’t start off that well in his two first two Major League Baseball stints in 1959 […]

Bob Tewksbury and His 1992 Career Year

Digging through generally worthless “junk wax” baseball cards of 1987 to 1993, you’ll occasionally find a card released before a great season of a not-so-famous player. One of these is a 1992 Topps Stadium Club card of Bob Tewksbury. As it so happens, 1992 was the journeyman pitcher’s finest season, which happens to fall right […]

Trot Nixon – An Unsung Hero of the 1999 to 2005 Red Sox

Christopher Trotman Nixon, better known as “Trot,” was a first-round selection of the Boston Red Sox. Despite how highly Nixon was regarded, his first few seasons in the minor leagues weren’t all that exciting. Nixon did get called up to the Major Leagues in 1996, and got 2 hits in 4 at-bats. His 1997 season […]

Jose Canseco – The Red Sox Years

In one of the better trades the Red Sox made in the 1990’s, the Red Sox traded speedy, defensive minded outfielder Otis Nixon and infielder Luis Ortiz to the Texas Rangers for outfielder Jose Canseco. Obviously, it was a bit of a salary dump, with the Rangers clearly thinking they could replace Canseco’s bat with […]

Bernie Williams – The Yankee Star Even a Red Sox Fan Could Love!

When I began following baseball around the turn of the 21st century, the Red Sox and New York Yankees rivalry was as hot as ever. One of my favorite players to watch right from the beginning was Bernie Williams…of the Yankees. That’s right. The long time Yankees center fielder spent all 16 major league seasons […]

Barry Larkin: Hall of Fame Shortstop

Joining Ron Santo in the 2012 Baseball Hall of Fame class, Barry Larkin is enshrined forever in Cooperstown after a nineteen-year Major League Baseball career that spanned from 1986-2004. During that time, he helped the Reds win the 1990 World Series and became the first ever shortstop to hit 30 home runs and steal 30 […]

Every Red Sox Player Ever – George Kell

“I have always said that George Kell has taken more from this great game of baseball than he can ever give back. And now I know, I am deeper in debt than ever before.” – George Kell at his 1983 Hall of Fame induction Most people think of Baseball Hall-of-Fame third baseman George Kell as […]

Every Red Sox Player Ever: Fernando Abad

Fernando Abad is a left-handed relief pitcher who has pitched in MLB for several stints since 2010. While his short time with the Red Sox wasn’t particularly memorable, and didn’t start off well, his acquisition would prove to be a positive for the Boston team overall. Abad was acquired for another relief pitcher, Pat Light, […]

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