Month: February 2020

Slowpoke and Psyduck Tag Team GX – A Pokemon TCG Card Review

Pokemon TCG: Sun and Moon Unified Minds brought several memorable Tag Team GX Pokemon cards to the Pokemon Trading Card Game. Can you get any more of a classic pairing than Slowpoke and Psyduck Tag Team GX, both original first Generation Pokemon with both Water and Psychic abilities? The Tag Team combo alone is enough […]

Why is Juzam Djinn So Expensive? – Old School Magic

One of the most expensive cards from Magic the Gathering’s Arabian Nights expansion, Juzam Djinn is one of the cards on Magic’s Reserved List. This means it can’t ever be printed, making it a chase card for collectors. Today, a single copy of Juzam Djinn sells for over $1,250 USD! So, Why is Juzam Djinn […]

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