Month: January 2020

Sigrid, God-Favored – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Sigrid, God-Favored is a flavorful Legendary Creature from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. Not only does she have protection from God creatures, but also first strike, and flash, meaning she can come into play at instant speed. The truly powerful ability of this three-mana Human Warrior is that when she comes into play, you exile […]

Righteous Valkyrie – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Righteous Valkyrie is an Angel Cleric creature from Magic the Gathering’s Kaldheim set. Playing into both Angel and Cleric strategies, the Valkyrie can allow some decks to easily overpower others, even opposing aggressive strategies. As a big fan of Cleric Tribal decks, it was clear to me that Righteous Valkyrie is a tricky creature that […]

Void Winnower – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Void Winnower from Magic the Gathering’s Battle for Zendikar set is quite an odd Eldrazi. All “can’t even” and other “odd” jokes aside, the mythic rare Winnower is pretty unique in its abilities. Nine mana for an 11/9 body is already pretty good. Being unable to be blocked by creatures with even converted mana costs […]

How Does Astral Cornucopia Work – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Astral Cornucopia is a fascinating little mana ramp card from Magic: the Gathering’s Born of the Gods expansion set. It has a triple X cost, which already seems a bit janky. So how does this card work? It enters the battlefield with X charge counters on it. This means that if you want one counter, […]

Waking the Trolls – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Since the release of Sagas in Magic the Gathering with the Dominaria set, these “storytelling” enchantments have generally been playable. Players who love land destruction are particularly excited by Waking the Trolls which appears to have a potential win condition stapled to the final Chapter. But, is this Saga as good as some deck brewers […]

Toski, Bearer of Secrets – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Magic the Gathering Commander players have been screaming for a true leader for Squirrel tribal for many years. Kaldheim finally brought Squirrel lovers a Christmas gift when Toski, Bearer of Secrets was revealed. Better yet, while Toski is an awesome Squirrel, his abilities are versatile enough to go into many Commander decks. Of course, most […]

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