Year: 2018

Junk Wax Baseball Dynasty – Dale Mohorcic and his 1987 Career Year in Relief

Relief pitchers are hardly a big deal in the baseball card hobby. Of course, guys like Dennis Eckersley and Lee Smith have their fans and collectors. But, a lot of the best relief pitchers out there, even the most consistent, don’t have much of a following. Still, when you’re building a dynasty baseball team out […]

Flash Knight – A YuGiOh Card Review

While Flash Knight may simply be a rare card from YuGiOh’s Duelist Alliance expansion set, this Pendulum Monster would prove himself to be rather useful. He’s a Level 4 Light-Attribute Normal Monster with 1800 ATK and 600 DEF, easily search-able with Reinforcement of the Army. The most important part about the Flash Knight is the […]

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