Month: July 2017

Neheb the Eternal – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Early returns on Hour of Devastation indicated that it wasn’t one of the most “valuable” Magic the Gathering sets of recent years. Of course, there are some good, playable cards in the set that trended positively when it came to singles sales. One of these is the Red mythic rare Legendary Minotaur, Neheb, the Eternal. […]

Seraph of the Sword – A Magic the Gathering Card Review

Many Magic the Gathering players have an affinity for Angel cards – although they do not affect players’ casting costs. With Seraph of the Sword from the Magic 2014 Core Set, we have an Angelic version of Fog Bank for 4 mana that conveniently has no Defender on it. Would she prove to be a […]

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