1994 Stadium Club Draft Picks #69 – Nomar Garciaparra Rookie Cards

It’s a shame that this 1994 Stadium Club Draft Picks Nomar Garciaparra baseball card isn’t very valuable, especially when it features a great portrait of Nomar smiling in a Red Sox uniform! Usually, an early card of a star player wearing a Major League uniform, especially the one he’s most associated with, would be a lot more valuable. Had Nomar gone on to the Hall of Fame career people had expected, this card likely would be valuable. Besides the “One True Rookie Card” for Nomar, which is 1992 Topps Traded, the humble author of this rookie card profile prefers this early Nomar card over all others.

With this card, graded Gem Mint 10 examples are hard to come by. With modern cards, this can be problematic as PSA 9 is only going to be a desirable grade in most cases for Hall of Famers. Also, there was an earlier Stadium Club card than this one, meaning this isn’t a key card for many collectibles. The earlier Stadium Club card is also more scarce. While the 1994 issue is the nicer looking card, this card doesn’t have any real market for it. Unfortunately, the secondary market for this card is so poor that it’s not even worth the cost of grading to be slabbed. (Ouch!)

Of course, it’s also not considered an actual rookie card, which means it’s pretty far down the pecking order for collector’s needs. In fact, rookie card collectors often overlook this Stadium Club Draft Picks card entirely. But, considering the hype Nomar had early on in his career – with results to back it up – even secondary cards like this had lots of early investor interest. If you’re looking for a more scarce version, there is the First Day Issue, a stamped issue carrying a premium because of its rarity.

PSA Population Report: 341 PSA 9, 25 PSA 10 (September 2020)

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