1994-95 Fleer Excel #10 – Nomar Garciaparra Rookie Cards

Fleer Excel isn’t a baseball card brand you hear much about anymore. In fact, you hardly ever hear about it in the collecting hobby. However, there is one notable “rookie card” featured in the 1994 Fleer Excel set of a player by the name of Nomar Garciaparra. The design of his card in the set has a nice retro feel to it featuring a gray background with a blue and red color scheme for the Sarasota Red Sox. 

Like many of Nomar’s early cards, it’s a card that features him fielding his position at shortstop. In this case, he’s in motion trying to cut off a ball in the hole. This something Nomar is quite famous for doing quite well, and it’s refreshing to see this, and not just a shot of Nomar standing at his position or in the act of throwing.

What’s interesting about this set is that the back of the card features a bit of an unusual stat line. Instead of batting average, it uses the abbreviation “Pct” which is somewhat odd. Nevertheless, you can see that Nomar was holding his own in A ball and was ready for bigger and better things. It’s pretty far down the list of minor league issues, but it’s a cool little Nomar card that you shouldn’t overlook if you’re a serious collector of the one-time superstar shortstop.

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